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During the first visit you will be measured by us. Then, together, we will determine your target weight and the goal of the treatment. After that, we will enter your weight and your measurements into the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer which scans your entire body for muscle mass, fats and fluids. Based on this data the machine will put together a customised weight loss programme and advice about the frequency and the number of treatments.

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Size Zero Easy Shape trainer treatments address the following areas

  • Reduction of fat and proportions*
  • Specific muscle building without power training*
  • Reduction of cellulite*
  • Reduction of excess fat*
  • Building up and strengthening the muscles in your back and reducing back pain*
  • Anti-aging and skin structure improvement*


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Results can differ per person. 

With the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer we will effectively attack your problem areas. We recommend you undergo the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer treatment at least for 5 weeks and times per week. This way, results will be achieved. Within the weight loss programme measurements will take place regularly, so that your progress will be made visible. After those first weeks of the treatment, most patients will continue with a subscription to maintain their present weight. This is what you can expect:

Weight loss

  • Reduction of fat*
  • Activation of fat metabolism*
  • Body toning*
  • Muscle building*
  • Formation of new muscle tissue*
  • Improvement of strength*
  • Tightening of tissue*
  • Reduction of cellulite*

Bringing the limbs in balance

  • Strengthening of the muscles*
  • Relaxation and stress reduction*
  • Strengthening of your wellbeing*
  • Prevention of muscular atrophy*
  • Improvement of the condition*
  • Lighter tension on the intervertebral discs*
  • Relaxation of back tension*


  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system*
  • Strengthening the immune system*
  • Increase of the total wellbeing*

Heating and relaxation of the muscle mass

  • Strengthening of the muscles without tension on the tendons and joints*
  • Shortening of the rehabilitation period*

Results can differ per person.

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