Facial treatment

Facial treatment

After the huge success of the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system for the body, Size Zero now also launches a treatment that tackles the contours of the face and therefore also losing weight in the face*.

The same Easy Shape Trainer machine that makes our body slimmer and tighter, is now also applicable as Facial. That persistent double chin, swollen cheeks and wrinkles can now be dealt with thanks to the so-called Face Pillow. After several painless treatments, you will notice a remarkable difference in the structure of the skin.

*Results can differ per person.

How does it work?

The face pillow works the same way as the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system with body vibration: the so-called HFT® technology (Human Frequency Technology). The treatment can help to reduce wrinkles and is a great alternative for a Botox treatment! By activating the facial muscles with this facial treatment, you will create a young and fresh look. The saggy jaw line will recover, and the skin will become firmer and tighter. The treatment is virtually painless. With our top-quality pillow specific results are achieved with each client.

Wrinkle and fat reduction

The pillow has two important roles: on the one hand it reduces undesired wrinkles with the Toner function. Your face will become smoother and more youthful again*. Also, the latest technology called Sweet Wave, will reduce the double chin and swollen cheeks* without any pain sensations. These two stages of the treatment will make your face tighter and brighter again*. The sessions for facial weight loss take approximately half an hour.

*Results can differ per person

We have a 24 hour appointment cancellation policy. An appointment may be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the appointment time as long as a valid reason is provided. If no valid reason is provided for untimely cancellation of an appointment, related costs will be charged.

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