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Easy Shape Trainer

Easy Shape Trainer

In comparison to existing machines that generate monotone impulses that are foreign to the body, the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system works with the body’s own vibrations; HRS®-technology (Human Resonance Technology) that efficiently provides visible and measurable results right away. Most users experience a loss of 8 to 28 cm right after the first treatment (this takes anywhere from 30 to 55 minutes)*. The precise and high quantity of changing vibrations provide targeted and accurate muscle stimulation that will activate significantly more muscle fibres than could be accomplished through standard exercise and fitness activities. Example: if an athlete reaches an action potential between 28% and 32%, the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system will achieve more than 90% without straining ligaments, tendons and joints in this case. Success is guaranteed thanks to the latest technological advance: HRS®-technology.

* result may differ per person


Other machines are not capable of detecting differences in individual body structures in different people. The Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system is the only machine – in the world – that is equipped with HRS®-technology.
Every single person is a unique individual and has more or less muscle, fat, tissue and body fluid than another person. This is an effective system that is not only capable of detecting these differences, it also automatically adjusts the necessary programmes accordingly.


The Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system first takes selective, high precision measurements of the local fat and muscle mass, as well as cell and tissue fluids. Based on these values that are actually subject to daily fluctuations, the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system establishes a unique programme tailored specifically to each client’s body so that the client receives the most effective treatment possible. This amazing technology is a milestone in body stimulation and guarantees the success you are looking for*!

*Result may differ per person.

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