Easy Shape Trainer

Easy Shape Trainer

Where other equipment uses monotonous and foreign impulses, the Easy Shape Trainer from Size Zero works with your body vibrations; HFT® technology (human frequency technology). Most equipment work in which only 1 type of technique has been used. The Size Zero easy shape trainer works differently. Prior to the treatment, the machine measures exactly what you need, how many treatments, which treatments and what your main complaints are. By subsequently applying an optimal combination of ultrasound, electro stimulation, muscle stimulation and lymphatic drainage, you will immediately be able to see measurable results right after the first treatment. These methods have been scientifically proven, which means that the treatment is absolutely safe and extremely effective.

The many precise and changing vibrations guarantee a specific and accurate muscle stimulation that will activate significantly more muscle fibres than would be possible with normal sporting activities. For example: an athlete who would reach an action potential during exercise of 28% to 32%, would reach more than 90% with the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer without straining the connective tissue ligaments, tendons and joints. On average, most users will lose between 4 and 28 centimetres after one treatment*.


The Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer measures prior to every treatment, selectively and very precisely, the local fat and muscle density, and also cell and tissue fluids. Based on these values, which are in fact subject to daily changes, the Easy Shape Trainer system creates a unique programme for each client with the highest possible effectiveness.

This technology is a milestone in the field of body stimulation and guarantees, in most cases, the desired success*.


Most equipment is not suitable for detecting differences and individual body structures in various people. The Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system is one of the few systems with worldwide HRS technology. Every person is different and has, compared to others, more or less, muscles, fat, tissue and body moisture.

The Easy Shape Trainer is not only able to detect these differences, but also to match to it a customised treatment.

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