Easy Shape Laser


Easy Shape Laser

Losing weight is not always that easy, especially when you have been trying for a long time without much success. Size Zero, however, can now present the latest trend in the field of weight loss: the Size Zero Easy Shape Laser.

Fats are stored in and under the skin in the so-called fat cells. These cells are full of fats and residues. With laser therapy, a laser destroys the walls of a fat cell and the cells will release their liquid contents. This liquid content is subsequently broken down so that you will lose excess fat and weight.

Based on research carried out by various manufacturers, it appeared that no matter what, you will lose centimetres on your hips, thighs and waist, if you follow the treatments. Preferably, in combination with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. We say ‘Bye’ to those nasty fat cells. Do you want to do the same? Then make a reservation now at a salon near you!


Prior to each treatment, the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system measures selectively and with great precision, the local fat and muscle density, but also the cell and tissue fluids. Based on these values, which are in fact subject to daily changes, the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system establishes for each client a unique and personal programme in order to offer the client the highest level of effectiveness. This fabulous technology is a milestone in the field of body stimulation and guarantees the desired success!


The average equipment is not able to detect the diversity and the body structure in different people. The Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer system is the only equipment worldwide with HRS® technology.

Each person is unique and has, compared to others, more or less muscles, fat, tissue and body fluids. An effective system that is not only able to detect these differences

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